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Sunday School, is a reoccurring series of herbalism, survivalism, and harm reduction workshops out of Enlightenment Wines Meadery and its tasting room Honey's. For the first semester I gathered talented chefs, herbalists, brewers, and farmers to teach “mead adjacent” workshops on Sundays. The goal was to cultivate an environment where food science and plant nerds everywhere can come and study the relationship between fermentation, health, medicine and plant experimentation. As one instructor Naneh Israelyan explains, Through sunday school we are trying to “connect the community to the restorative and healing power of plants.” 




More about our teachers:

Smallhold: ​NYC’s only mushroom farm run by Andrew Carter and Adam DeMartino
Amanny Ahmad:​ ​is an artist, chef, forager, born in Utah to Palestinian immigrants. Sustainability and consciousness of consumption at every step of the process are a priority for her.

Naneh Israelyan: ​founder of Pioneer Flora, a herbal apothecary.
Danielle Knott: ​founder and farmer of Big Dipper Apriarys.
Alice Jun:​ founder and Brewer of Hana Makgeolli.
Yesfolk Tonics: ​A quickly growing kombucha and tonic brewery out of Troy, NY.
Arley Marks: Arley Marks creates inventive and unique drinks that employ scents, opulent garnishes and unexpected ingredients to present a drink experience that is both multi​-sensory and intoxicating. He recently opened Honey’s a cocktail and mead bar in Bushwick and is the resident cocktail designer for Material Vodka, an organic vodka with a mission to support non-commercial artists. His drinks have been featured in TIME Style Magazine, Vanity Fair, The Fader, Condé Nast Traveler, US Weekly, and The Observer.

Danny Newberg: ​The chef behind Joint Venture NYC, an alternative approach to food.

Tara Norvell: A forager and chef. Her focus on sustainability has led her to explore mostly plants, wild, local, and responsibly sourced.  

Negro Piattoni: An argentine chef, master of fermentation, and dedicated student of food science. 

Cara Marie Piazza: a natural dyer and textile designer living and producing her work in New York City.

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