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Friends of Friends is a indefinitely postponed three-day outdoor celebration of the completion of summer and new movements. 100 connected individuals camp side by side in the Catskills with the goal to unite like-minded people who don't know each other yet but should.


Featured Friends:


Enlightenment Wines

Tara Norvell 

Negro Piattoni

Yesfolk Kombucha 

Star Route Farm 

Brooklyn Public Farm 


Your Other Left Ear

And more...


What to Expect 


This is bare-bones camping. Large canvas shading tents, grassy dance floor, mazes mowed into the tall grass, and composting toilets. Outdoor very simple not fancy composting toilets. 


Lunch and dinner daily will be prepared by chef Tara Norvell over the communal fire. 


A general store tent with:

 the basics, local farm veg, local eggs, dairy, and cured sausages - their farmers in  attendance.

 A selection of chilled natural wine, meads, and local beers. 

Kombucha and troy NY seltzer water 

Handmade snacks 

Your Other Left Ear curated bath, beauty, and vintage goods

As well as  camping necessities such as headlamps, batteries, personal hygiene items, and natural sunscreen and bugspray 


Slip Away Cafe 

A 3 day only hilltop breakfast diner. Sweet treats and belly-filling plates served up daily with a smile.


Sunset live music, sensory games, audio tours, all-night dancing, and more…

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Sample Menu 



Mixed Summer Tomato Gazpacho with Grilled Sourdough Toasts (Anchovy Aioli or Forrest Salsa Verde) and Chaga Chocolate Pudding Cups

Cold Tulsi Lemongrass Tea



Grilled Smallhold Oyster and Lionsmane Mushrooms with Beans and Grilled Greens, Wilsons Sourdough Croutons and Seedy Chili Oil - Cold Cinnamon Kava Tea 

Sample Schedule 


Slip Away Breakfast Cafe is Open 

Sun Salute 

Send Off 

Morning Workshop

Loose Time: Swimming , Hiking, Foraging, Resting 

Tara Norvell Lunch 

Afternoon Workshop

Sunset Live Music

Tara Norvell Dinner 

Dance Floor Opens 

Ambient Programming in the Den 

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